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The Norwegian Statkraft planning to invest in South America

Norway's state-owned company, Statkraft announced Thursday that it would invest $400 million in a hydropower plant in Peru with a capacity of 168-megawatt, and announced intentions of further investing in Chile, but it is targeting the Brazilian market as well.

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Norway worried about power supplies for winter to come.

Last year has proven to be a difficult one for Nordic countries as prices for power reached all-time highs as temperatures were lower than usual and Swedish nuclear reactors had outages concerns.

read more... 29/09/2010


41 oil companies submit applications for exploring oil in Norway

Oil and energy ministry of Norway stated on Thursday that 41 oil and gas companies have applied to explore for petroleum in older regions off the country.

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Geothermal energy could provide all the energy the world will ever need

Researchers in Norway believe that with help from oil and gas extraction technologies, geothermal energy could be tapped more readily. There is a solution for the world's insatiable energy needs. It is CO2-free and safe. And it's located right under our feet.

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Oil production in Norway dropped in August

Oil production in Norway dropped on average from 1.800 million barrels in July to 1.619 million barrels per day in August, as stated by Norwegian Petroleum Directorate on Friday.

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