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Daily (17.04.2020): EUAs expiring in 2021 soared by 8.5% on Thursday due to nuclear concerns in France

Crude oil futures ended on a mixed note on Thursday, with Brent recording minor gains as some European countries decided to loosen up coronavirus restrictions. Hence, Brent crude rose by 13 cents, or 0.5%, to settle at $27.82 a barrel. U.S. WTI crude was unchanged at $19.87 a barrel, marking the second straight day at its lowest level since February 2002.

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Hungarian minister highlights importance of nuclear energy

The coronavirus pandemic has underlined the importance of the existing Paks nuclear power plant, which accounts for about half of Hungary's electricity generation, noted János Süli. The minister responsible for the design, construction and commissioning of two new reactors at Paks said that project will maintain the country's energy security and help revive its economy in the coming years.

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EDF to Delay Applying for UK Nuclear Plant Building Consent

LONDON - Utility EDF said on Thursday it will apply for development consent later than planned to build its Sizewell C nuclear plant in Britain due to the coronavirus crisis.

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Russia and Bangladesh expand nuclear cooperation

A number of documents have been signed between Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom and the government of Bangladesh that will enhance existing bilateral cooperation in the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes. Russia is currently constructing a two-unit nuclear power plant at Rooppur, Bangladesh.

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TenneT to invest up to €5bn a year

Dutch/German transmission system operator TenneT expects to increase its investment level to €4bn to €5bn annually in the coming years, as a result of the phase out of coal and nuclear power plants and the growth of offshore wind energy.

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