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Norway offers a record number of 75 new offshore exploration leases

Norway delivered a record seventy-five new offshore oil exploration leases to energy firms in the recent bidding round.

read more... 17/01/2018


Siemens Gamesa will deliver turbines for 500MW offshore wind project

Siemens Gamesa plans to offer its latest 8MW turbines to a French offshore wind project.

read more... 12/01/2018


EC consents €9.4 billion for Polish renewables

The European Commission (EC) decided to offer 40 billion Poland Zloty (approximately €9.4 billion) for a Polish renewable energy support scheme.

read more... 14/12/2017


Scottish renewables company obtains approval for whisky fuel plant

A company has obtained the green light to build a new plant at Scotland’s oil port of Grangemouth to make a petrol replacement from whisky residue. Falkirk Council offered Celtic Renewables an approval to construct a commercial demonstrator plant, which will annually generate over half a million liters of biofuel.

read more... 13/12/2017


Klaipeda LNG terminal offers advantages for Lithuania

Security of supply in Lithuania has been assured through the country’s LNG terminal in Klaipeda, according to Jusius Mindaugas, CEO of LNG operator Klaipedos Nafta.

read more... 05/12/2017