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Daily (26.06.2018): German spot power price rose by more than 100% on Monday, due to high demand and low wind generation

After OPEC’s resolution to raise output by one million barrels per day, oil prices dropped on Monday. Brent crude edged 1.1% lower at $74.73 a barrel. Simultaneously, WTI crude was less bearish, settling 0.7% down at $68.08 a barrel, due to a temporary decline in U.S. drilling activity and a Canadian supply outage.

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Daily (28.12.2017): UK gas price for delivery in January 2018 dipped on Wednesday due to forecasts of milder weather

Oil prices fell on Wednesday, as a rally ran out of momentum a session after crude attained a near 2-1/2-year peak on supply outages in Libya and the North Sea.

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Daily (21.12.2017): German day-ahead power contract traded 30% down

Crude prices increased on Wednesday, encouraged by a larger-than-expected decline in U.S. inventories and the ongoing outage of the North Sea Forties pipeline system. Brent crude settled 76 cents, or 1.2%, higher at $64.56 a barrel. Meanwhile, West Texas Intermediate crude futures settled up 53 cents at $58.09 a barrel.

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Daily (20.12.2017): Brent oil rose 0.6% on Tuesday, buyout by a North Sea pipeline outage and forecasts of lower U.S. crude inventories

Oil edged up toward $64 a barrel on Tuesday, supported by a North Sea pipeline outage, OPEC-led supply reductions and expectations that U.S. crude inventories had decreased for a fifth week.

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Daily (19.12.2017): European carbon prices soared by over 3% on Monday

Benchmark Brent crude prices edged higher on Monday, buyout by a North Sea pipeline outage and a workers' strike in the Nigerian energy industry, but U.S. prices slid slightly, highlighting worries about increasing U.S. production. Brent crude futures traded 18 cents, or 0.3%, up at $63.41. U.S. crude futures fell 14 cents to $57.16.

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