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Record number of UK energy clients changed supplier in February

A record number of British energy clients changed supplier in February, as indicated by data from industry group Energy UK on Monday.

read more... 12/03/2018


EU approves the acquisition of Gas Natural Vendita Italia by Edison

The EU has approved the acquisition of the natural gas supplier Gas Natural Vendita Italia by the energy firm Edison - both based in Italy.

read more... 08/02/2018


Australia is most likely to beat Qatar in LNG exports

The world’s top supplier Qatar risks being dethroned as Australia expects to boost exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by 16 percent from 2018.

read more... 06/10/2017


Largest floating solar plant connected to the grid in China

The largest floating solar farm has been installed in the Huainan region in China. The 40MW solar plant has been connected to the Chinese grid by the solar inverter supplier Sungrow.

read more... 23/08/2017


Ireland: ESB will launch UK energy supplier this year

Irish utility ESB is getting ready to launch an energy supplier in Britain later this year, accessing a highly competitive market that is also under inspection from government after the competition regulator found consumers were overcharged billions of pounds.

read more... 14/08/2017