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Sweden to help consumers facing high electricity costs

Sweden's government on Wednesday vowed to compensate households and companies for soaring electricity costs in the wake of the Ukraine war, to the tune of up to 60 billion kronor ($5.76 billion).

read more... 18/08/2022


Britain considers energy bill subsidy for industrial firms

Britain is considering plans to subsidise power bills for energy intensive industries such as steel and cement, in an effort to support hundreds of businesses facing record high energy prices.

read more... 15/08/2022


Britain looks into funding biomass carbon capture and storage

Britain said it is considering ways to support combining electricity generated using biomass, such as wood pellets, with technology to capture and store the resulting carbon emissions.

read more... 12/08/2022


Sweden tops France as Europe's largest net power exporter

Sweden overtook France as Europe's largest net power exporter in the first half of 2022, as deep-rooted problems reduced French nuclear availability to historic lows, Energy analysts EnAppSys said on Wednesday.

read more... 11/08/2022


Britain plans for organised blackouts in January

Britain is making plans for organised blackouts for industry and households over winter when cold weather may coincide with gas shortages, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday.

read more... 10/08/2022