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SOCAR's STAR refinery in Turkey's İzmir to be inaugurated today

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic's (SOCAR) Turkey Aegean Refinery (STAR) in İzmir's Aliağa district will be inaugurated today.

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Turkey’s STAR refinery to process Russian oil

Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR and Russia’s Rosneft company signed a contract on the supply of Russian oil to Turkey’s STAR oil refinery, owned by SOCAR.

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Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline carried nearly 3B barrels of oil to global markets over 12 years

Carrying Azerbaijan's oil extracted from the Caspian Sea to the international markets, the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) crude oil pipeline, which was dubbed as the energy project of the century at the time, has transferred nearly 3 billion barrels of crude oil from its offshore terminal in Ceyhan since 2006.

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BP announces start-up of Shah Deniz 2 in Azerbaijan

BP and its partners in the Shah Deniz consortium today announced the start-up of the landmark Shah Deniz 2 gas development in Azerbaijan, including its first commercial gas delivery to Turkey.

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Teenagers Design ‘Electric Rain’ Machine To Produce Energy

A ninth-grade Azerbaijani student has come up with an idea to develop a device that will produce energy from rainwater, aiming to solve the problem of access to energy in low-income rainy countries around the world. Reyhan Jamalova, the creator of Rainergy, came up with the idea after her father wondered, “If you can make energy from wind, why not from rainwater?”

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