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Croatia to aid EU diversify energy supply options

Croatia is on the way to turn into a regional hub for energy production and transport, helping other EU members to diversify supply, according to the declaration made on Thursday by Alen Leveric, the deputy economy minister. EU leaders consider this move very important since they want to reduce reliance on Russian gas.

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Croatia inks a deal to establish power exchange

Croatia's energy market operator, HROTE, and the country's transmission system operator, HOPS, signed on 7 November 2013 an agreement on cooperation in establishing Croatia's power exchange.

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Gazprom starts South Stream construction works in Bulgaria

Gazprom has started the construction of the Bulgarian section of the South Stream pipeline. The pipeline will go from Russia to Bulgaria through the Black Sea, and in Bulgaria it will divide in two, with the northern leg going through Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia to Austria and Northern Italy, while the southern leg going through Greece to Southern Italy.

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Croatia, Hungary and Ukraine to create their own gas corridor

Ukraine, Croatia and Hungary aim to build their own corridor expanding gas pipelines networks. The construction of this corridor will start next year. This gas corridor is planned to be linked to the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, which is likely to carry Shah Deniz gas to Europe through Turkey. The parts have already reached an agreement on passing of natural gas through all three countries.

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Croatia energy update

On July 1, Croatia became the European Union’s 28th member. Here are the latest energy-related issues of the new member state.

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