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Fuel suppliers to contribute with fuel for the UK public sector

Fuel suppliers like Angus Biofuels, Certas Energy UK, Crown Oil, and Forest Fuels have been called to contribute with fuel for the UK public sector.

read more... 02/08/2017


Vattenfall will enter UK household energy market

Vattenfall might enter the UK domestic energy market as it acquires a Bournemouth-based supplier. iSupplyEnergy provides gas and electricity to over 120,000 users and employs 170 people.

read more... 22/06/2017


Centrica is closing UK’s largest natural gas storage site

Centrica Storage Ltd (CSL) declared on Tuesday about its intention to stop storage operations at Rough. The energy supplier wants to permanently end Rough's status as a storage facility. Nevertheless, the company plans to produce all recoverable gas from the gas field, which is anticipated at 183 billion cubic feet (bcf).

read more... 20/06/2017


UK: New supplier offers 100% renewable energy

A new energy firm that offers 100% green power has been launched. Pure Planet proposes only one tariff – the same price the company pays on the wholesale market.

read more... 09/05/2017


Denmark: Skærbæk Power Station switches from gas to green energy production

DONG Energy’s Skærbæk Power Station - one of the world’s most efficient power stations, located at Skærbæk on the northern side of Kolding Fiord is preparing to become a green energy supplier, switching to sustainable wood chips. The first shipment of 3,546 tonnes of wood chips is the first of several before the power station can start its production of green energy.

read more... 05/04/2017