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Coal Demand To Remain Robust In 2023

Despite bold climate pledges from a plethora of major world powers, it seems that many are unable to break their addiction to coal, as consumption is set to hit an all-time high (once again). Several countries have launched climate strategies that include the phasing out of coal production and use over the coming decades, however with gas shortages and a long road to getting enough renewable energy operations running to meet global demand, many continue to rely on coal for power and industry. While coal use is expected to decrease in the long term, to be replaced by natural gas and renewable alternatives, demand is set to remain strong in 2023

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G7, Vietnam reach $15.5 bln climate deal to cut coal use

The Group of Seven (G7) industrialised nations has agreed with Vietnam to fund the Southeast Asian country's transition away from coal with $15.5 billion, two Western sources told Reuters on Wednesday.

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Britain approves first new coal mine in decades despite climate targets

Britain approved its first new deep coal mine in decades on Wednesday to produce the high-polluting fuel for use in steelmaking, a decision which drew criticism from opponents who say it will hinder climate targets.

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Poland to slow coal phase-out process, maintain 2049 end-date

Poland is forced to slow down the process of closing coal mines but will not withdraw from its plans to close all its mines by 2049, announced Polish State Assets Minister Jacek Sasin.

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RWE to restart 3 lignite units (900 MW) this winter

German utility RWE will restart three lignite units – Neurath C (292 MW), Niederaussem E (295 MW) and F (299 MW) – from 1 October, with the facilities currently in reserve, the company said on Thursday.

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