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PetroChina puts into operation a new gas pipeline

According to China Petroleum Daily reports, PetroChina put into the operation a new pipeline on Wednesday, called Qinhuangdao-Shenyang , which will allow the major energy supplier to diversify its regional productions.

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Ukraine to cooperate with U.S. in diversification of shale gas production

According to the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, the governments of Ukraine and the United States discussed a future collaboration in the nuclear energy sector and have signed a memorandum on cooperation to explore shale gas deposits in Ukraine.

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BP criticized by the British energy regulator

The Wall Street Journal reports that the British Health and Safety Executive, a British energy regulator, sharply criticized the energy giant, BP for keeping to perform workings in the North Sea without taking into account the considerable operational risks and being unconscious about the safety norms at oil rigs in the North Sea.

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Finland seeks to obtain a stake in the Yamal LNG Project

Finnish oil and gas companies seek to get involved in the Yamal LNG Project, which is why officials of Finnish oil and gas companies met last week in Moscow at the seventh session of the Russian-Finnish Inter-Governmental Commission on Economic Cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Energy.

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Iran is planning to open a new oil refinery in the Middle East

According to Teheran Times, Iran is planning to put into operation the biggest oil refinery in the Middle East, called Shazand in the next few days.

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