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Italy's coal market has overcome the crisis.

Italy's imports of steam coal for power generation is expected to increase by 3% in 2010, while imports of coal for producing steel will increase by 37%, thanks to a recovery in industrial demand.

read more... 22/11/2010


Imports of coal in Germany increase despite green lobbying

Coal imports in Germany seem to increase, regardless the worries concerning the carbon pollution and anti-coal lobbying, which have prevented many coal-fired projects.

read more... 06/09/2010


US coal stockpiles down by 1.4%

American coal stockpiles are much lower than the average, or 19.2 % less comparing to the same period of 2009.

read more... 19/08/2010


Euro coal prices increasing over $100 on high electricity prices

The European coal prices are rising fast, following the gains on the electricity and oil market.

read more... 04/08/2010


Coal prices remain stable

European coal prices remain constant this week, despite more trading activity. South Africa, the most important coal exporter to Europe, maintains its prices around $91 per tonne.

read more... 15/07/2010