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Gazprom and Plinacro to build pipeline in Croatia

Gazprom, Russia’s natural-gas export monopoly has signed a deal with Plinacro to build a natural gas pipeline in Croatia.

read more... 21/01/2013


Gazprom reconsiders South Stream feasibility study

According to Gazprom statements, the feasibility study for the South Stream natural gas pipeline for Serbia, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia and Romania has been finished.

read more... 22/04/2011


E.ON would like to enter Croatian market

E.ON Ruhrgas, German’s most important energy company in Germany, declared on Wednesday having been in negotiations with Croatia concerning the gas supply in this country.

read more... 17/09/2010


Main projects of Plinacro, Croat gas pipeline operator

Plinacro, Croatia's state-owned gas pipeline operator has decided to invest more into infrastructure and is in discussions to participate in various European energy projects, according to its chief executive on Monday.

read more... 15/06/2010