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Daily (29.03.2019): EU Carbon Prices Up by Nearly 2% on Thursday

Oil prices ended close to an equilibrium on Thursday after initially dropping in the wake of a new call from US President Donald Trump for an increase in OPEC’s production in order to bring rising prices down. Brent crude was almost steady at $67.82 a barrel, while WTI futures slipped by 0.2 % to $59.30 a barrel, as losses were capped by constant support from OPEC-led supply cuts and U.S. sanctions on Venezuelan and Iranian exports.

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Daily (20.03.2019): EU carbon prices fell by more than 3% on Tuesday, due to a bearish energy complex and continued Brexit uncertainty

Crude prices diverged slightly on Tuesday. On one side, prices were supported by OPEC-led supply cuts OPEC. On the other side, rising U.S. output put pressure on the market. Brent crude edged 0.1% higher at $67.61 a barrel, while WTI crude traded 0.1% lower at $59.03 a barrel.

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Daily (15.03.2019): EU carbon prices rose by around 2% following Brexit votes

Oil prices diverged on Thursday. Brent crude decreased by 0.5% to 64.23 USD/bbl, as lower Industrial output data in China and political uncertainty around the prospect of a delayed Brexit weighed on prices. WTI futures rose by 0.6% to 58.61 USD/bbl, supported by an expected decline in U.S. crude inventories and output, as well as by U.S. sanctions on Venezuela and Iran.

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Daily (14.03.2019): Electricity prices on the curve slumped by around 3% on Wednesday due to weaker coal and carbon markets

Oil prices rose on Wednesday following a strong decline in U.S. inventories and due to sanctions that stalled exports from Venezuela. Brent crude added $0.88, or 1.3%, to close at $67.55 a barrel. WTI futures settled 2.4% higher at $58.26 a barrel.

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Daily (7.03.2019): European carbon prices declined by 3.3% on Wednesday due to a bearish energy complex

Crude oil prices were mixed on Wednesday, after U.S. data showed an increase in weekly U.S. crude stockpiles. A slump in U.S. equity indexes also weighed on the market. WTI futures traded 0.6% lower at $56.22 a barrel. However, Brent crude edged 0.2% higher at $65.99 a barrel, after EIA data indicated a larger-than-expected draw in U.S. distillate inventories.

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