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Daily (10.02.2020): European spot power prices plummeted on Friday on strong wind output, weaker demand

Crude oil prices ended on a sour note on Friday, posting a fifth consecutive week of losses, after Moscow declared it needed more time mulling over deeper production cuts proposed by OPEC to deal with a sluggish energy demand.

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Daily (07.02.2020): An oversupplied system and lower LNG prices weighed on UK’s gas market on Thursday

Oil prices varied on Thursday on mixed signals from OPEC and its partner Russia about potential further output cuts to reduce the impact of any weakening in global demand due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Daily (05.02.2020): Forward gas and power prices recovered on Tuesday after several days of losses

Crude oil prices tumbled on Tuesday, remaining in a bear market, weighed by the coronavirus impact on Chinese and global demand for black gold, despite OPEC+ measures to calm the oil market.

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Daily (04.02.2020): EU carbon prices hit a four-month low on Monday due to a surplus of permits after Brexit

Crude oil prices plunged to 1-year lows on Monday, as worries about a slowdown in oil demand linger on the back of the coronavirus outbreak.

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Daily (03.02.2020): Brent down 4.2% for the week as coronavirus spread shakes oil demand

Crude oil prices tumbled on Friday and posted a fourth straight weekly loss as the deadly virus that has erupted from China and has spread to around 20 countries, escalated worries that oil demand in the world's top oil consuming regions could be reduced dramatically.

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