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UK: Energy supplier switches up 31% in January

Over 345,000 customers moved to a different supplier in the first month of 2017 in the UK, an increase of 80,000, or up 31% on last year, according to new data from Energy UK, illustrating a trend of increasing switching levels, with January’s figures higher than those registered in the last three years.

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Flexible Business Energy Contracts: Pros & Cons [Infographic]

Volatility in the energy markets has been at unprecedented levels over recent years. The power and gas supply product offering from suppliers to business customers has increased.

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A new power supplier has joined the UK energy market

A new supplier has entered into UK energy market. Fischer Energy delivers electricity acquired from Danish wind giant DONG Energy. The supplier hopes to sign up 40,000 single variable tariff customers this year.

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Direct Energie completes the acquisition of a combined cycle gas turbine in Belgium

The group Direct Energie, third largest gas and power supplier in France, unveiled it completed the acquisition of the entire share capital of Marcinelle Energie, Belgian subsidiary of the Italian group Enel.

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Vattenfall inks nuclear fuel agreements

Swedish energy company Vattenfall has secured long-term nuclear fuel deals estimated at $128 million with three different suppliers.

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