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France digs in on EU power market reform position

A group of countries led by France has proposed a compromise on the EU's electricity market design (EMD), pushing back on attempts by some countries to introduce stricter controls on future state aid for power plants, a document and sources said Tuesday.

read more... 04/10/2023


EU countries consider scrapping part of energy reforms

European Union countries are considering scrapping a central part of reforms to Europe's electricity market, amid a deadlock between France and Germany over state aid for power plants, a document seen by Reuters showed.

read more... 03/10/2023


Germany Closing In On $21-Billion Deal To Buy Its Largest Grid

The German government is close to agreeing a deal to buy its biggest grid from TenneT in a deal estimated at around $21 billion (20 billion euros), as Germany looks to strengthen its transmission systems with the rise in renewable capacity, sources with knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg on Thursday.

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France Boosts Energy Transition Investments In 2024 Budget

The French government will significantly increase public spending on green energy projects while curbing the support to households to help them with the high energy prices, according to the 2024 budget.

read more... 28/09/2023


EU looking to invest massively in electricity storage

The EU needs to invest heavily in electricity storage, according to the European Commission – an idea supported by Polish electricity company Tauron, which proposes creating a European energy storage bank.

read more... 27/09/2023