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Kazakhstan to boost its oil exports

The construction of an oil pipeline started on Friday in Kazakhstan that will lead to an increase in oil exports from an oil field owned by the major energy company Chevron Corp. It marked the start of work enhancing the Caspian Pipeline Consortium route in the Western part of Kazakhstan.

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Bosch to invest 520 million euros in a solar project in Malaysia

A worldwide known service provider, Bosch Group, aims to extend its photovoltaic business by building a major manufacturing site near Penang, in the Batu Kawan region of Malaysia. The total amount of the investment is 520 million euros, while the project construction is planned to be started this year and completed by the end of 2014.

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Bulgaria to freeze the construction of trans-Balkan pipe

According to the Environment Ministry declarations, Bulgaria has rejected for a third time the report on environmental impact assessment of the Bourgas–Alexandroupolis oil pipeline, aimed to pump Russian crude oil to Greece via Bulgarian territory.

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Russia and China against sanctions to Syria over its nuclear programme

Syria’s international reputation suffered on Thursday after the United Nations nuclear watchdog voted to report the country to the Security Council, accusing Syria of a covert nuclear reactor construction and its unwillingness to cooperate with investigators.

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Iran and Armenia to boost energy cooperation

The Iranian newspaper Teheran Times reported that Iran and Armenia will start the construction of a third electricity transmission line between the two countries within two weeks. The project is estimated to cost about $110 million and will have a capacity of 800-900MW between the two countries.

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