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10-megawatt facility to begin construction in early 2011

Lincoln Renewable Energy plans to build a solar farm of 60 million dollars at the beginning of the 2011.

read more... 04/01/2011


France is ready to launch its first offshore wind farm.

The construction of the first offshore wind farm in France is expected to start at the end of 2010, after being delayed for many years because of difficult authorization procedures.

read more... 09/11/2010


RWE debates with Government on new nuclear plants in UK.

German utility RWE will propose another offer concerning the construction of nuclear plants at its UK areas in Cumbria, after the government has classified some of its sites inappropriate.

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Kazakhstan interested in building a nuclear plant.

Three Japanese companies, Japan Atomic Power Company, Toshiba Corp and Marubeni Corp, announced Wednesday that an agreement has been reached with Kazakhstan administration to provide data and cost estimates for the construction of a nuclear power plant with an advanced boiling water reactor.

read more... 30/09/2010


Lithuania waits for proposals for the construction of a new nuclear plant

Lithuania declared that it is waiting for some proposals to be submitted by potential investors by November in order to construct a new nuclear power plant.

read more... 13/09/2010