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The construction of Russian-Chinese pipeline postponed due to a financial disagreement

According to the daily Kommersant reports, the building of Russian oil pipeline conceived to carry Arctic oil to China may be halted following the internal dispute between the companies involved.

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Iberdrola Renovables to build an 80 MW wind farm in Romania

A new wind farm will be built in the southeastern part of Romania, in Constanza by a globally known wind company Iberdrola Renovables. The wind plant, called Mihai Viteazu, will consist of 40 wind turbines of 2 MW each and will supply energy to around 1 million people, equal to the population of Romania’s capital, Bucharest. The construction of this wind plant will also lead to a further cut of the CO2 emissions by 1.25 million tones per year.

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The European Investment Bank will grant funds for the construction of a gas plant in France

The European Investment Bank and POWEO Toul Production S.A.S, an indirect subsidiary of VERBUND AG, announced they sealed a €165 million finance contract for the building and exploitation of a 413 MW Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power plant at Toul, in Eastern France.

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New Biobutanol Reactor to be developed by W2

W2 Energy, a clean energy company that operates in the renewable industry, announced the beginning of the construction of its biobutanol reactor which is more environmentally responsible as it emits less greenhouse gas than gasoline.

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OPDE starts the development of 6 photovoltaic solar farms in Italy

Six photovoltaic solar plants will be developed by OPDE in the region of Alessandria and Cuneo) Italy, with a total installed capacity of 26 MWp. The amount of farms construction will exceed 120 million Euros.

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