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EDF and TOTAL will decide on LNG terminal construction this year

EDF and Total announced that the final decision about investment in the LNG plant in northern France will be taken by the end of this year.

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EU approves Polish public subventions for the construction of underground gas storages

In 2009, Poland asked the permission of the EU to offer financial support to a company planning to construct 4 natural gas underground storages in Poland.

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Siemens will provide 111 wind turbines to Dong Energy

Dong Energy, one of the largest energy companies in Northern Europe, request Siemens for the construction of 400 MW wind power in one of its projects in Denmark. Siemens is responsible for building, installing and commissioning of 111 wind turbines.

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New contract for GDF Suez in Saudi Arabia

The French energy giant announced about the signing of a new contract for the construction of a 1730 MW power plant in Saudi Arabia. The new plant would be built as an Independent Power Project (IPP), 125 km west from Saudi Arabia capital, Al Riyadh. Simultaneously, GDF signed the contract to sell the electricity produced at this plant to Saudi Electric Company (SEC). The duration of the contract is 20 years.

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New finances for Areva group to finish Olkiluoto nuclear reactor

French nuclear group Areva is preparing to take a loan of approximately 380 million euros for the completion of the construction of the Finnish nuclear reactor Olkiluoto, which is scheduled to start generating power by the end of 2012, with a delay of more than three years.

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