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Hungary’s MOL likely to purchase ENI’s Czech, Slovak, Romanian units

Hungarian oil and gas group MOL declared it had decided to purchase Eni's Czech, Slovak and Romanian units, counting as well 208 filling stations, with the aim to expand market share, mainly in the Czech retail market.

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Gazprom starts South Stream construction works in Bulgaria

Gazprom has started the construction of the Bulgarian section of the South Stream pipeline. The pipeline will go from Russia to Bulgaria through the Black Sea, and in Bulgaria it will divide in two, with the northern leg going through Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia to Austria and Northern Italy, while the southern leg going through Greece to Southern Italy.

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Croatia, Hungary and Ukraine to create their own gas corridor

Ukraine, Croatia and Hungary aim to build their own corridor expanding gas pipelines networks. The construction of this corridor will start next year. This gas corridor is planned to be linked to the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, which is likely to carry Shah Deniz gas to Europe through Turkey. The parts have already reached an agreement on passing of natural gas through all three countries.

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Gazprom could face a 15 billion dollars fine from EU regulators

After a year-long investigation the EU regulators are preparing to charge Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom over suspected infringement of EU competition rules in member states including Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia, risking a fine of up to 15 billion dollars. Currently Gazprom supplies a quarter of Europe's gas consumption needs.

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Ukraine continues to reduce gas imports from Russia

Ukraine intends to develop several gas routes from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania and to increase imports from EU countries as it want to reduce imports of expensive gas from Russia. Ukraine has pointed out that a cut in Russian natural gas acquires will be deeper next year than expected, amounting to 24.5 billion cubic meters (bcm).

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