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Daily (27.11.2019): NBP spot tumbled by 5% on Tuesday due to an oversupplied system

Crude oil prices traded higher on Tuesday as top U.S. and Chinese trade negotiators made efforts to reach a so-called Phase 1 deal in a trade war that has dragged on for 16 months.

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Daily (26.11.2019): WTI crude price recovered by 0.4% on Monday, on hopes for a U.S.-China trade deal

Oil prices climbed on Monday, spurred by optimistic trade talks between the U.S. and China. The expectations that a deal could be soon inked between the world’s two largest economies might increase attractiveness for global oil crude demand. Hence, Brent crude rose by 26 cents, or 0.4% at $63.65 a barrel. WTI crude surged by 24 cents, or 0.4% to settle at $58.01.

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Poland gas firm PGNiG plans ending imports from Gazprom

Polish state-run gas firm PGNiG told Russia's Gazprom that the company would not renew their long-term natural gas deal when the agreement expires after 2022, PGNiG announced late Friday.

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Daily (11.11.2019): NBP spot jumped by 7.2% on Friday due to colder weather

Oil prices inched up on Friday despite U.S President Donald Trump not agreeing to decrease tariffs on China, but still accepting a potential deal to be struck by the end of the month. Hence, Brent crude traded 0.4% higher at $62.51 a barrel. WTI futures edged 0.2% higher at $57.24 a barrel.

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Daily (08.11.2019): NBP spot jumped by 5.5% on Thursday amid higher demand and weaker Norwegian pipeline supply

Crude oil prices firmed on Thursday, amid optimistic signs from China suggesting that the trade deal with the U.S. is moving closer to a much-awaited conclusion, raising hopes for a stronger crude demand. Under such circumstances, WTI futures spiked by 1.4% to $57.15 a barrel, while Brent crude inched up by 0.9% at $62.29 a barrel.

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