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French gas demand dives 25% due to lockdown – TSOs

French gas demand has dived by a quarter since mid-March amid the economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus lockdown, with industrial demand slumping 40%, latest TSO data showed on Thursday.

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GAS – Spot contracts slump to fresh multi-year lows

Spot gas contracts on the Dutch TTF and the UK’s NBP hit fresh multi-year lows on Friday as mild temperatures and ample supply exacerbated by the coronavirus crisis weighed on the market.

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Arctic gas finds new way from Yamal to China

Gazprom leader Aleksey Miller in last Friday’s meeting with President Vladimir Putin confirmed that the building of new east-bound natural gas infrastructure now is high on the company’s agenda.

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Turkey's Energy Exchange hits record in spot gas trade

Turkey's Energy Exchange Istanbul (EXIST) trade volume in spot natural gas market hit Monday a record high for 2020, EXIST data showed on Tuesday.

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Poland State Gas Distributor Says It Wins $1.5 Billion From Russia's Gazprom In Price Dispute

Poland’s largest distributor of natural gas has announced it won a years-long energy-supply price dispute with Russia’s state-run Gazprom worth $1.5 billion at an international arbitration court in Sweden.

read more... 31/03/2020