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REC Systems builds a new 24.2 MW solar facility in Italy

REC Systems has recently announced the construction of a 24.2 MW solar facility in Italy that will consist of 100,000 REC solar panels.

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Unilever starts the construction of a Paques bio-digester at its Ben & Jerry’factory.

A new bio-digester will be built at Ben and Jerry’s factory in Hellendoorn, the Netherlands, which will generate electricity from waste products such as cream, milk, syrup and pieces of fruits.

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Russia and Japan sign a cooperation deal in a LNG project

Russia and Japan have signed an agreement of cooperation to jointly develop a feasibility study for the construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant near the Russian city of Vladivostok.

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Poweo will decide on Antifer LNG terminal future.

According to the declarations made by Poweo, the French leading operator of power and gas, the board should decide if it will continue the implementation of its Antifer LNG terminal project in the northern France, at Le Havre. The Antifer LNG project involves the construction of a terminal of a 9 billion cubic meter per year.

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10-megawatt facility to begin construction in early 2011

Lincoln Renewable Energy plans to build a solar farm of 60 million dollars at the beginning of the 2011.

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