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La construction des plus larges centrales thermiques solaires en Espagne est à temps

E.On et Abengoa Solar sont à temps avec la construction de leur projet, les deux centrales thermiques solaires à Ecija, Espagne.

read more... 09/08/2010


Nine solar parks installed in Greece by Conergy

Conergy, the German manufacturer and commissioner of PV panels, has finished the construction of nine PV plants in Greece on the Crete Island.

read more... 16/07/2010


The exploitation of Flamanville reactor delayed by 2 years

The construction of the French nuclear reactor at Flamanville is expected to be delayed by up to two years, according to the Figaro newspaper.

read more... 07/07/2010


EDF and TOTAL will decide on LNG terminal construction this year

EDF and Total announced that the final decision about investment in the LNG plant in northern France will be taken by the end of this year.

read more... 01/07/2010


EU approves Polish public subventions for the construction of underground gas storages

In 2009, Poland asked the permission of the EU to offer financial support to a company planning to construct 4 natural gas underground storages in Poland.

read more... 30/06/2010