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Voltalia to develop new solar project in Spain

The Community of Communes Pays de Jales has chosen Voltalia for the construction of a new solar park with an installed photovoltaic capacity of 2.5 MW.

read more... 26/05/2010


The cost of the South Stream project might be less than $25.41 billion

Sergei Kupriyanov, Gazprom's spokesman, announced on Friday that the Gazprom’s South Stream gas pipeline project is under construction and the cost will be less than 20 billion Euros ($25.41 billion).

read more... 17/05/2010


Spain and Portugal are the slowest in approving wind farm projects

According to European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) data, Spain and Portugal are the slowest among other European countries to approve new wind farms construction.

read more... 26/04/2010


South Stream deal between Russia and Austria

Vladimir Putin, the Russian Prime Minister, will sign a pipeline transaction with the Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann, after a bilateral dialogue about the construction of South Stream gas pipeline, according to Austrian government.

read more... 21/04/2010


The North Stream Project

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian President, gave the start to the construction of an important gas pipeline that will bypass Ukraine, after the conflict caused by supply disruptions in the past. This project will give the chance to win an important gas market share in Europe.

read more... 14/04/2010