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Italy’s Edison seals 20-year agreement to purchase US LNG from Venture Global

Italian utility Edison declared on Wednesday that the company, owned by France's EDF, cut a deal with U.S.-based Venture Global on selling and purchasing the liquified natural gas (LNG).

read more... 03/10/2017


France: EDF will protect its business position in energy sector investigation

The French minister of environment Nicolas Hulot declared in July that about 17 reactors could be closed in France by the year 2025, as it tries to reduce the part of nuclear power in its electricity mix.

read more... 21/09/2017


Output at two EDF nuclear reactors cut due to heatwave

French electric utility company EDF announced about the reduction of the output at two reactors at its Tricastin nuclear plant located in southern France, due to blistering weather.

read more... 19/07/2017


ASN report suggests EDF may have to replace Flamanville reactor cover in few years

According to ASN report, the lid of the Flamanville reactor vessel, currently under construction by France’s EDF, may not be able to operate more than a few years, needing to be replaced after its scheduled start-up in 2018.

read more... 27/06/2017


Hinkley Point could be the single new nuclear plant

The manager of one of Britain’s major utilities declared on Monday that EDF’s scheduled Hinkley Point nuclear power station is likely to remain the only one to continue in the UK.

read more... 21/06/2017