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France says goodbye to its oldest nuclear power plant

EDF has voted to begin the processes of dismantling France’s oldest nuclear power plant after escalated pressure from Germany and a law to reduce the country’s dependence on nuclear power.

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Poland hopes to purchase EDF's local assets by the end of the year

A conglomerate of Polish state-controlled energy company will hopefully acquire the Polish assets of France's EDF by the end of 2017, Deputy Energy Minister Grzegorz Tobiszowski declared on Friday.

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Amundi acquires majority stake in gas-fired cogeneration plants in France

A joint venture between asset management firm Amundi and French utility EDF has purchased a majority stake in 132 gas-fired cogeneration plants in France for 150 million euros ($159 million), Amundi declared on Tuesday.

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EDF: Dunkirk LNG terminal goes commercial

On 1 January 2017, commercial operations were launched at the Dunkirk regasification terminal in northern France.

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EDF Renewable Energy unveils the commercial operation at 184MW Kelly Creek wind farm in US

EDF Renewable Energy unveiled that the 184 megawatt (MW) Kelly Creek Wind Project in Illinois reached commercial operation.

read more... 30/12/2016