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Ukraine continues to reduce gas imports from Russia

Ukraine intends to develop several gas routes from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania and to increase imports from EU countries as it want to reduce imports of expensive gas from Russia. Ukraine has pointed out that a cut in Russian natural gas acquires will be deeper next year than expected, amounting to 24.5 billion cubic meters (bcm).

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Ukraine to diversify its gas supplies away from Russia

Ukraine is envisaging importing natural gas from Europe via Hungary and Slovakia in the first quarter of 2013, as it is trying to diversify its supplies away from Russia’s Gazprom.

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Ukraine to import German gas from January 1

Energy and Coal Industry Minister of Ukraine, Yuriy Boyko announced on Friday that Ukraine will start to import natural gas from Germany from January 1, 2013. Germany's RWE would sell Ukraine gas and it would be shipped via pipelines through Hungary.

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Nabucco project obtains Hungarian permit

Hungary is now the first country to successfully finish the permitting process for the Nabucco project. The Nabucco pipeline will cross 384 km of Hungarian territory and has received the last environmental permit it needs to begin construction in the eastern European country. According to Managing Director of Nabucco Gas Pipeline International GmbH, Reinhard Mitschek, this is an important step forward for the project.

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Russian gas supplies returning to normal levels in the most European states

Russian gas flows to Bulgaria, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Greece have been reinstated to normal volumes over the weekend, while the gas deliveries to Romania, Germany, and Italy are increasing, European Commission press secretary Marlene Holzner said on Monday.

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