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Assembly of world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor begins in France

A total of 35 nations are currently collaborating to build tokamak, a magnetic fusion device, which aims to demonstrate the real potential of fusion as a large scale carbon-free source of energy

read more... 30/07/2020


Pivot to ‘green’: Russian gas & nuclear energy giants Gazprom and Rosatom to start producing ‘clean’ hydrogen

Russia’s move away from hydrocarbons took another step forward this week, as the country’s Ministry of Energy announced a roadmap to start producing clean hydrogen by 2024.

read more... 24/07/2020


Czech government to provide loan for CEZ’s nuclear power station

The Government of the Czech Republic has reportedly agreed to offer an interest-free loan to state-controlled utility company CEZ, to help with construction costs of a nuclear power station.

read more... 22/07/2020


Romania restarts approach to new Cernavoda units

Romania plans to create a Strategic Coordination Committee for the project to build units 3 and 4 at the Cernavoda nuclear power plant, according to a notice in the government’s official gazette on 14 July. The notice followed another published the same day, stating that the prime minister's 2018 decision to establish a working group for the negotiation of a draft intergovernmental agreement between Romania and China for the project had been abrogated.

read more... 17/07/2020


UK to develop next generation of nuclear energy technology

The UK Government has announced £40m in funding to develop the next generation of nuclear energy technology and unlock several green jobs.

read more... 14/07/2020