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E.ON announces drastic jobs cuts

Last week, E.ON, the largest power utility in Germany, announced its intention to cut up to 11, 000 jobs worldwide and reduce dividends after first-half profit plunged because of the increased costs following nuclear exit. That’s approximately 10 percent of jobs that will be affected by this drastic measure.

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Germany’s E.ON plans massive job cuts

Germany's biggest energy group, E.ON, registered Wednesday its first quarterly historical loss , following German government decision to phase out nuclear energy, which pushed the company to reorganize its activity, move that could affect up to 11,000 jobs.

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Bayer to migrate outside Germany over high electricity prices

The German major pharmaceutical company, Bayer warned that it may be forced to leave the country and to migrate its production to other countries, due to the Germany’s decision to phase out nuclear energy by 2022, a move that would push the electricity prices up.

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Germany to boost its renewable share by 2022

After the German Government decided to completely shut down its nuclear power by 2022, the renewable energy became a more and more inquired energy source and attractive sector for investments. According to the European Wind Energy Association, Germany plans to add 1,800 MW of new wind power capacity during this year, 16% more as compared to 2010 with 1,551 MW.

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Phoenix Solar to build a 4.7 megawatt solar park in Germany

Phoenix Solar, a leading international photovoltaic system integrator has been commissioned as EPC contractor by solarcomplex, based in Germany to build a solar park with a peak power of around 4.7 megawatts in Bodman-Ludwigshafen.

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