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Gas imports bill in Germany reduced by 3.2%

Gas imports bill in Germany for the first semester of 2010 reduced by 3.2%, arriving at 12.2 billion euros, comparing to 12.6 billion for the same period in 2009, according to BAFA data on Thursday.

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E.ON would like to enter Croatian market

E.ON Ruhrgas, German’s most important energy company in Germany, declared on Wednesday having been in negotiations with Croatia concerning the gas supply in this country.

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Ikea buys wind farms in Germany

The Swedish retailing giant has concluded with the Spanish wind manufacturer Gamesa, the acquiring of six wind farms in Germany. The sum of the transaction was not revealed.

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A new electricity levy from 2017 in Germany

The conservative lawmaker, Joachim Pfeiffer, said on Thursday that a new levy related to the power cost will be paid by German nuclear electricity providers from 2017.

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German energy regulator desires faster grid development

The future of renewable energy in Germany spins around the rapid expansion of the power grids; however the authorities do not much implicate, according the energy regulator on Monday.

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