Capital Stage envisages investment of 500-600 million euros in solar parks

22/12/2014 00:22 Renewable


Capital Stage, an operator of wind and solar parks based in Hamburg, intends to make an investment of hundreds of millions of euros next year after obtaining insurer Gothaer as an associate, as stated by its chief executive to a German newspaper.

On Saturday, Euro am Sonntag cited Felix Goedhart as stating that with profit participation capital from Gothaer of 150 million euros ($183.41 million), can be realized an investment volume of 500 to 600 million euros that would be offered for supporting European solar parks. He also declared that if all the investments are made in projects by the end of 2015, further partnerships will be also envisaged, adding as well that a development of Capital Stage's partnership with Gothaer was also an alternative.

Daily (04.03.2021): Growing volumes of LNG supply pushed British gas prices lower on Wednesday

04/03/2021 10:27:00

Oil prices surged on Wednesday, supported by decreasing gasoline reserves in the United States and anticipation for the OPEC+ summit on Thursday. As such, Brent oil increased by 2.2% to $64.07 a barrel and WTI crude soared by 2.6% to $61.28 a barrel.


UK's hydrogen future could involve both blue and green pathways

04/03/2021 08:45:00

The UK's hydrogen future could involve a mix of both blue and green production pathways, but it needs to get started or risk falling behind, panelists said March 3.


China ‘installed half of new global offshore wind capacity in 2020’

04/03/2021 08:43:00

China accounted for half of all new global offshore wind capacity in 2020.