Centrica unwraps 49MW fast-response battery ahead of Christmas

21/12/2018 09:31 Energy Market


Centrica has unwrapped its new 49MW fast-response battery ahead of Christmas.


The energy giant built the Roosecote battery on the site of a former coal-fired power station in Cumbria.


It claims the facility is one of the largest battery storage units in Europe – it can come online in less than a second to meet fluctuations in demand and store enough power to supply around 50,000 homes.


The project, which took 18 months to complete, is part of Centrica’s £180 million investment into flexible power.


Mark Futyan, Distributed Power Systems Director at Centrica Business Solutions, said: “The Roosecote site is truly unique, having been home to the latest technology of its time and is an exemplar of the transition we’ve made from dirty coal to cleaner, more flexible power.”


Source: www.energylivenews.com

EBRD extends renewable energy programme for Kazakhstan

16/09/2019 09:27:00

The EBRD is pledging fresh funds to support Kazakhstan’s drive as a regional leader to promote renewable energy, with the help of a second phase of the Bank’s Kazakhstan Renewables Framework of up to €300 million, the Bank reported.


Germany's Notus to add 270 MW wind capacity in Ukraine

16/09/2019 09:24:00

Germany-based Notus Energy Group intends to build 270 MW of wind parks in Ukraine that will kick off operations by 2021, it said last week.


Oil prices rise sharply after attack on Saudi oil fields

16/09/2019 09:18:00

Crude oil prices rose by more than 10 percent at the start of Monday's trading day in Asia due to the attack on two oil plants in Saudi Arabia. The price of Brent oil in Singapore rose by $ 11.73 ($ 10.59) to $ 71.95 per barrel, before falling back to below $ 68.