Chongqing gas mine plans to build 10 billion square gas field

11/10/2019 15:58 Natural Gas


Chongqing Daily reporter learned that the gas mine is speeding up the shale gas business and tapping the potential of the old area, and plans to stop the decline and pick up natural gas production by 2020, with natural gas production exceeding 5 billion square meters by 2025 and 8 billion square meters by 2035 and striving to reach 10 billion square meters.

Around 2006, Chongqing Gas Mine was the largest natural gas mine in China, and achieved the goal of "stable production 7 billion" for four consecutive years. In recent years, with the decline of production capacity in the old area, Chongqing gas mine will be mainly supported by shale gas to promote high-quality development again.


Chongqing gas mine has undertaken the task of rapid production of shale gas in western Chongqing, and the shale gas block covers parts of Yongchuan, Bishan and Jiangjin, according to relevant people in Chongqing gas mine. In 2020, Chongqing Gas Mine will deploy 17 shale gas platforms in the above blocks, with a total of 107 gas wells. It is estimated that the annual gas production will be 1 billion-2.5 billion square meters in the 14th five-year Plan, 3 billion-5 billion square meters in the 15th five-year Plan, and 5 billion-7 billion square meters in the 14th five-year Plan.


In addition, Chongqing Gas Mine will also actively promote the smooth commissioning of the shale gas connectivity of Yan Jia, Longxing, Zhanqi and Yongchuan, improve the channels for the transport, storage and utilization of shale gas, and meet the needs of the people for the safe use of gas.


In addition to shale gas production, in the traditional natural gas development, Chongqing gas mine is promoting major scientific and technological research in eastern Sichuan to support stable production in the old areas. So far, the gas mine has produced nearly 1.9 billion square meters of natural gas this year, of which 212 million square meters have been produced through tapping the potential of old wells. In addition, Chongqing gas mine has made new discoveries in gas reservoir exploration in Liangping, Kaixian, Wanzhou and other places, and is carrying out in-depth potential tapping.


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