Daily (10.07.2019): NBP spot declined by 3.7% on Tuesday, as a correction from the previous bullish session

10/07/2019 10:32 Daily


Crude oil prices nudged up on Tuesday, due to OPEC+ supply cut extension and rising tensions in the Middle East. However, U.S.-China trade dispute limited the gains. As a result, Brent crude inched up by 0.1% to $64.16 a barrel, while WTI futures closed 0.3% higher at $57.83 a barrel.

British gas prices were mixed on Tuesday. NBP spot corrected its earlier bullish trend, losing 3.7% for the day and closing at 31.00 p/therm. On the curve, gas prices added momentum tracking higher oil prices. The contract for delivery in Q4 2019 traded 0.6% higher at 46.52 p/therm.


European prompt power prices were bullish on Tuesday due to lower wind supply in Germany and stronger demand in the region. The price for the German day-ahead power contract climbed by 10.9% to 41.47 EUR/MWh, while the equivalent French contract settled 13.6% higher at 40.47 EUR/MWh.


Meanwhile, forward electricity prices lost ground following lower carbon prices. The price for the German power contract for delivery in 2020 edged 0.9% down to 50.01 EUR/MWh, while the equivalent French contract traded 0.8% lower at 51.65 EUR/MWh.


Despite a strong auction demand, EU carbon prices slid on Tuesday, tracking a drop in spot gas prices. As a result, the price for the 2021-expiry contract traded 0.9% lower at 27.42 EUR/tonne.

Floating wind-to-hydrogen plan to heat millions of UK homes

13/09/2019 11:09:00

Project aiming to deploy 4GW, £12bn 'green hydrogen' array in the North Sea is backed by UK government


Daily (13.09.2019): Welding anomalies at French nuclear reactors supported spot gas and power prices across Europe

13/09/2019 11:03:00

Crude oil prices had another bearish day, after Donald Trump denied the possibility on an interim U.S.-China trade deal. Comments by OPEC+ alliance that deeper cuts would not be decided before a meeting in December and ECB’s decision to cut its deposit rate also weighed on prices. Hence, Brent crude dropped by 0.7% to close at $60.38 a barrel, while WTI futures lost 1.2% to settle at $55.09 a barrel.


Daily (12.09.2019): WTI crude lost almost 3% on Wednesday, on news that U.S. might ease sanctions on Iran

12/09/2019 11:31:00

Crude oil prices declined on Wednesday, as U.S. administration could ease sanctions against Iran, thereby inflate global supplies. At the same time, both OPEC and EIA slashed demand forecasts this week. Consequently, WTI crude dropped by 2.9% to $55.75 a barrel, while Brent oil decreased by 2.5% to $60.81 a barrel.