Daily (13.09.2019): Welding anomalies at French nuclear reactors supported spot gas and power prices across Europe

13/09/2019 11:03 Daily


Crude oil prices had another bearish day, after Donald Trump denied the possibility of an interim U.S.-China trade deal. Comments by OPEC+ alliance that deeper cuts would not be decided before a meeting in December and ECB’s decision to cut its deposit rate also weighed on prices. Hence, Brent crude dropped by 0.7% to close at $60.38 a barrel, while WTI futures lost 1.2% to settle at $55.09 a barrel.

British wholesale gas prices were mixed on Thursday.Uncertainty over the impact of a cut in flows through the Opal pipeline led to a slight decline in the Q4 2019 delivery contract, which ended 0.3% lower at 45.71 p/therm. However, worries about nuclear plant issues in France lent support to the day-ahead price, which spiked by 2.8% to 26.50 p/therm.


European prompt power prices increased on Thursday due to welding anomalies at French nuclear reactors which afected demand in the region. Hence, the German spot power price jumped by 3.3% to close at 39.02 euros/MWh, while the French equivalent contract settled 3.9% higher at 38.84 euros/MWh.

Along the curve, power contracts posted losses on Thursday tracking lower forward gas prices. The German Cal 2020 delivery contract lost 1.5% to close at 50.00 euros/MWh. The equivalent French contract declined by 1.3% to end at 53.00 euros/MWh.


European carbon prices rose slightly supported by the ongoing fears of nuclear outages in France ahead of the winter season. The contract expiring in 2021 traded 0.6% higher at 26.43 euros/tonne.

Daily (18.09.2020): European carbon prices fell by more than 5% on Thursday due to stronger selling

18/09/2020 14:15:00

Oil prices rose for the third consecutive day on Thursday, following OPEC’s meeting which had a positive influence on market. However, oil market is still kept under pressure, due to higher supply and flagging demand. Hence, Brent crude soared by nearly 2.6% to $43.30 a barrel. While the American WTI crude gained 2% to settle at $40.97 a barrel.


Nuclear essential to hydrogen future

18/09/2020 08:50:00

Untapped options for clean hydrogen - including the use of advanced modular reactors - can put the world back on the pathway to meeting the Paris climate goals, according to a new report from energy research and consultancy firm LucidCatalyst. The report says the clean energy transition from oil to hydrogen-based fuels could be achieved with a global investment of USD17 trillion, spent over 30 years from 2020 to 2050.


WindEurope seeks clear policy for offshore hybrids

18/09/2020 08:44:00

Trade body calls on EU to enable projects that connect into multiple power markets