Denmark breaks another record in wind energy production

18/01/2016 10:35


Denmark has broken another record of wind energy in 2015, having generated an astonishing 42% of its power from windmills, the highest share ever produced by any country.

In 2014, the share was 39.1%, which was a record, according to Energinet, which runs the power grids. Danish state electricity provider Energinet confirmed that in 1,460 of 8,760 hours during the year, windmill production actually exceeded the domestic power needs of the country. The new Danish wind power was exported to Norway, Sweden and Germany, while Denmark acquired hydropower from Norway and solar power from Germany. In western Denmark, the heart of the country’s wind industry, turbines generated more energy than the region could use for more than 16 percent of the year. The Danish parliament established a goal to achieve at least half of its electric power from wind by 2020. According to the forecast, this objective looks to be met. By 2030, the country hopes that 90% of the electricity and heating supply will arrive from clean energy. Danish wind energy accounted for 18.7% of the total electricity consumption in 2005. In 2010, the share had boosted to 22%, and in 2012, the share was 30%.

Nordex receives order for 156 MW wind farm in Chile

26/02/2020 10:00:00

The Nordex Group received a large order to build a wind farm with turbines from the Delta4000 generation in Chile, the German wind turbine manufacturer announced on Tuesday.


Grid-Scale Batteries to Provide Balancing Services for Largest Transmission-Connected Storage Network

26/02/2020 09:54:00

Pivot Power, an EDF Renewables company specializing in battery storage and infrastructure for electric vehicle charging, has placed an order with technology group Wärtsilä to deliver 100 MW of energy storage in the UK.


Russia beating US in LNG price war

26/02/2020 09:52:00

Russian LNG’s low price point is putting pressure on its competitors in the European LNG import market, attendees heard at the S&P Global Platts London Oil and Energy Forum yesterday.