Dutch parliament has decided to close all its coal-fired power plants

29/09/2016 00:33


The Dutch parliament has decided yesterday to cut by 55% the country’s CO2 emissions by 2030. This would mean that the Netherlands would have to close all its coal- fired power plants. The decision taken by the Parliament would bring the Netherlands undoubtedly in line with the Paris Climate Change pact, which has a long-term goal of cutting CO2 levels by 80-95 per cent by 2050.

Last year the country saw its greenhouse gas emission increased by about 5% in 2015 in comparison to 2014, while carbon monoxide levels also rose last year, being 2% higher than in 1990. The raise was due to a boost in coal-fired power production. In 2015, the Netherlands have already closed 5 coal fired-power stations, but there are other five plants, with three of them coming into operation last year.

Norway also intends to ban petrol and diesel car sales by 2025. Norway is the largest market for electric cars in the world, with electric vehicles accounting for 24% on the road.

Daily (30.07.2020): European CO2 prices rebounded by nearly 2% on Wednesday tracking a stronger auction in Poland.

30/07/2020 13:19:00

Crude oil prices inched higher on Wednesday, following an unexpected drop in US crude inventories. Consequently, Brent crude rose by 1.2% to $43.75 a barrel, while WTI futures increased by 0.6% to $41.27 a barrel.


Eneco, Shell win Dutch offshore wind tender with 759-MW project

30/07/2020 10:56:00

A joint venture between Dutch utility Eneco and oil and gas major Royal Dutch Shell Plc has won the tender for the third zero-subsidy offshore wind farm in the Dutch North Sea, to be built in the Hollandse Kust Noord zone.


Assembly of world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor begins in France

30/07/2020 10:49:00

A total of 35 nations are currently collaborating to build tokamak, a magnetic fusion device, which aims to demonstrate the real potential of fusion as a large scale carbon-free source of energy