EDF: French EPR atomic reactor would become the first connected to the grid

01/08/2014 00:57


The EDF version of so-called EPR nuclear reactors may be the first connected to the grid, overthrowing others also manufactured by Areva in Finland and China, according Henri Proglio, chief executive of state-controlled French utility EDF.

The atomic reactor in Finland was crippled by delays, cost overruns and strife between the supplier and its customer. He remains confident that atomic reactor under construction in Flamanville could become the first EPR reactor to be connected to the grid. The new 1650 megawatt pressurized water EPRs, designed by Areva, are among the safest reactors in the world, with their core-catchers, plane-crash resisting concrete hulls and multiple backup systems. Currently, four EPR reactors conceived by Areva are under construction all over the world. The Finnish and French faced billion euro cost overruns and multiyear delays, nevertheless their construction begun earlier than those of two Chinese reactors.

Daily (05.03.2021): Oil prices soared by 4% on Thursday following the positive conclusion of the OPEC+ summit

05/03/2021 10:27:00

Crude oil prices strengthened significantly on Thursday, as OPEC+ summit members concluded on a marginal increase in petroleum production. As a result, Brent oil and WTI crude both surged by 4.2% to trade at $66.74 a barrel and $63.83 a barrel, respectively.


Hidroelectrica eyes hydrogen project with Verbund

05/03/2021 09:04:00

The project hopes to produce 80,000 t/yr of green hydrogen from renewable generation sources and transport the hydrogen to offtakers in central and western Europe.


Hungary brings coal exit forward by five years

05/03/2021 09:02:00

The country’s last coal power plant will be shut down in 2025 instead of 2030, Hungary’s secretary of state for EU affairs announced earlier this week.