EU approves €5bn Polish energy scheme, probes surcharge reductions

16/04/2019 09:01 Energy


The European Commission has approved a €5 billion (£4.3bn) Polish support scheme for co-generated electricity with surcharge reductions for large energy users.

The scheme, with an annual budget of €500 million (£431m), will support combined heat and power (CHP) installations connected to the district heating networks in Poland and run until December 2028.


The support will be granted to new and refurbished as well as existing CHP plants and will be open to generators in other member states.


The scheme is financed through a surcharge levied on final electricity consumers, based on their power usage but the government wants to lower the financial burden on certain energy intensive users, which would benefit from a reduced CHP surcharge.


Uniper signs contract for planned German LNG terminal

27/05/2020 09:28:00

German power producer Uniper has signed a contract to build and charter an LNG terminal vessel for a planned project in Wilhelmshaven with Japanese partner Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL), it said on Tuesday.


Yamal-Europe pipeline gas flows dive

27/05/2020 09:23:00

Deliveries along the Yamal-Europe pipeline dropped sharply on 24-25 May and were nominated even lower today, likely driven by weaker European demand for Russian gas.


UK’s power system emissions hit all-time low and wholesale power prices go negative

27/05/2020 09:19:00

The two records were set over the weekend as renewable energy generation soared, coinciding with continued low demand due to the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.