EU bank approves €4.9bn for green projects in first meeting without the UK

13/02/2020 10:35 Renewable


The European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved €4.9 billion (£4bn) of funding for climate-friendly infrastructure projects in its first board meeting without the UK.

It is providing financial support for projects in areas including clean energy, sustainable transport and industrial energy efficiency.


New targeted credit lines will support climate action by companies in Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Spain, improve access to finance by energy, tourism and education companies, help agriculture firms in Romania to expand and encourage circular economy investment in Spain.


Around €1 billion (£0.8bn) of the financing will be invested in clean energy projects across Europe and Central Asia, which includes support for 18 new solar projects in central Spain, renewable energy projects in Austria and Italy as well as new transmission infrastructure in the Netherlands to distribute electricity generated by wind farms in the North Sea.


A total of €983 million (£826m) of new investment will go to sustainable transport projects, which include upgrading urban and regional rail links in Denmark, Germany, Italy and Poland.



Daily (25.02.2020): EUAs down 4% as the coronavirus outbreak beyond China weighs on market sentiment

25/02/2020 10:43:00

Crude oil futures lost ground on Monday as the panic created over the spread of the coronavirus outside China intensified concerns that the epidemic could significantly curb global demand for black gold.


North Macedonia considers coal phase out between 2025-2040

25/02/2020 09:30:00

North Macedonia is planning to end its use of coal for energy production by 2040 at the latest and sees a phase-out by 2025 as the cheapest option in two of three scenarios, environmental groups which helped draw up the strategy said on Monday.


European wind sets second weekly record in a row averaging 88 GW

25/02/2020 09:27:00

European wind power generation averaged 88 GW last week, setting another new record and pushing hourly German power prices into negative territory over the weekend, data aggregated by WindEurope showed Monday.