EU wants to discuss with Russia about Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

31/03/2017 13:09 Natural Gas


The European Union is looking for a mandate from its members to discuss with Russia about the opposition to its plans to construct a second pipeline to convey more gas to Europe through the Baltic Sea to Germany, as indicated in an EU document, as several EU nations worry it will make Europe too dependent on Russian gas.

Russian state gas exporter Gazprom which provides approximately 33% of the EU's gas, most of it coming via Ukraine, would like Nord Stream 2 to be built by 2019, when the gas transit fees should be renegotiated with Kiev.


The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has severely separated the EU. Eastern European and Baltic Sea states fear an increase of their reliance on Russian gas and reduce Ukraine's role, while Germany and other beneficiaries in northern Europe support the plan.


The EU is seeking for a legal arrangement since it is an offshore zone and Denmark and Sweden asked for the support before granting permission to pass through their waters. However, Germany sees the plan as strictly commercially favourable with no political background.


For the negotiations to start between EU and Russia, two thirds of the 28 EU member states representing two thirds of the bloc's population would need to back the proposal. A similar conversation was held over the Trans-Caspian pipeline.


The Nord Stream 2 project company stated that this pipeline it is not desirable for a single EU energy market, and EU should not politically decide if investments are required by the market or not.


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