Fluxys consults on expansion of Belgian-Dutch VIP

28/10/2020 08:41 Natural Gas


Belgian system operator Fluxys has launched a consultation on its planned expansion of the Belgian-Dutch virtual interconnection point (VIP Bene) to include the physical Zelzate 2 border connection, where the Zebra pipeline delivers to the Netherlands.

Fluxys and Dutch counterpart GTS plan to integrate Zelzate 2 into VIP Bene from 1 January 2021, following the Dutch operator's planned acquisition of Zebra. GTS plans to incorporate the line — which currently delivers to regional distribution networks rather than the national grid — into the Netherlands' national network from the start of next year.


The pipeline can only physically deliver towards the Netherlands, but offers virtual backhaul towards Belgium.


VIP Bene was created on 1 April by combining the high-calorie gas Zelzate 1, Zandfliet and Gravenvoeren physical interconnection points.


Fluxys is seeking feedback on a number of other minor regulatory changes, including changes to rules governing the injection of biogas into its transmission grid.


Interested parties have until 13 November to submit comments to Fluxys.


Germany's system operators plan to create a number of new VIPs to replace existing ones at the country's borders — including with the Netherlands and Belgium — following the merger of the NCG and Gaspool market areas into a single German VTP (Trading Hub Europe), planned for 1 October 2021.



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Germany's energy ministry has received around 200 hydrogen project proposals seeking funding under the Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI) program, it said Feb. 25.


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