France: EDF receives the approval to restart some nuclear reactors

06/12/2016 13:42


French winter electricity supply concerns could alleviate after nuclear safety regulator ASN allowed EDF to restart some nuclear reactors involved in a safety investigation.

EDF said on Monday it will work quickly to carry out extra tests on some of its nuclear reactors involved in a safety probe and provide the additional information to regulator ASN. EDF is allowed to restart some of the nuclear reactors whose steam generators have high carbon concentrations, although the utility would have to perform some extra tests. France's nuclear watchdog may permit the restart of 10 of the 12 reactors, while the remaining two reactors are still under the scrutiny of the country's utility EDF. ASN is checking 12 of the state-controlled utility's reactors after raising concerns that certain steam generator channel heads could contain a zone with a high carbon concentration, which could weaken the resilience of the steel and its ability to resist the spreading of cracks. The investigation forced EDF to extend the outage period and raise fears that France, which relies on its 58 nuclear reactors for 75 percent of its electricity needs, could face a tight supply this winter.

Daily (13.11.2019): British spot gas price spiked by 6.5% on Tuesday on higher gas-for-power demand

13/11/2019 11:31:00

Oil prices nudged down on Tuesday on no new details after Donald Trump’s speech about the China-U.S. trade negotiations Meanwhile, concerns regarding slower economic growth and weaker oil demand still kept prices under pressure. Brent crude fell by 0.2% to $62.06 a barrel, while WTI futures edged 0.1% lower at $56.80 a barrel.


France's EDF says no damage found so far at Cruas nuclear plant after earthquake

13/11/2019 09:08:00

Checks carried out by French utility EDF at its Cruas nuclear power plant have revealed no anomalies so far, a company executive said on Tuesday, after it extended outages at three of the facility’s reactors until Nov. 15.


E.ON to purchase 3TWh of clean energy annually from RWE Renewables

13/11/2019 09:05:00

Global energy company E.ON has signed an agreement to purchase clean energy from RWE Renewables’ British windfarms.