France: EDF will protect its business position in energy sector investigation

21/09/2017 15:21 Biofuels


The French minister of environment Nicolas Hulot declared in July that about 17 reactors could be closed in France by the year 2025, as it tries to reduce the part of nuclear power in its electricity mix.

Government’s position should be clarified by the end of 2018, and EDF's CEO Jean-Bernard Levy announced that EDF will protect its business plan by setting out its stall. On Tuesday, French state-controlled power group EDF stated that it targets to defend its business interests as the government revises its sources of its energy, counting plans to modernise different nuclear power sites.


During a briefing in Paris, Levy was persuaded that France will try to find possibilities to solve various interests regarding electricity system, regulation, energy industry changes and its interests as a shareholder of EDF.


Being a net electricity exporter in Europe, France relies upon 58 nuclear reactors operated by EDF for 3 quarters of its power.


Nevertheless, the decrease of energy supply could potentially mean a second winter with the same conditions, as nuclear reactors undergo an analysis of multiple components and an increased inspection requested by the country’s regulator. 

Hungarian minister highlights importance of nuclear energy

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The coronavirus pandemic has underlined the importance of the existing Paks nuclear power plant, which accounts for about half of Hungary's electricity generation, noted János Süli. The minister responsible for the design, construction and commissioning of two new reactors at Paks said that project will maintain the country's energy security and help revive its economy in the coming years.


Wind, solar secure 1.4GW in latest French tenders

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The French Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition has procured approximately 750MW of wind and 630MW of ground-mounted photovoltaic capacity in its latest round of tenders.


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Crude oil futures increased considerably on Thursday, posting their biggest spike in a single session following a message from Donald Trump promising a reduction in Russian and Saudi production to rebalance the black gold market devastated by the covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, Saudi Arabia called for an urgent meeting of the OPEC and other countries, including Russia, to re-establish a balance in the oil markets.