French strike cuts power capacity by 2 GW

18/12/2019 08:50 Electricity Market


A strike is cutting France’s power capacity by 2,055 MW on Wednesday morning, of which 665 MW was nuclear, 1,160 MW coal and 230 MW hydro, the latest transparency data showed.

Strikers, who are protesting against the government’s planned pensions overhaul, cut 665 MW at EDF’s Chinon 4 (905 MW) reactor, stopped output at coal-fired units Cordemais 4 (580 MW) and Havre 4 (580 MW) and 230 MW from hydropower plants, said operator EDF.


EDF also said output cuts at those units were likely to continue until the end of the strike.


Separately from the strike, EDF also indicated it had prolonged an outage at its coal-fired Cordemais 5 unit (580 MW) by four weeks until 20 January due to a failure.


The unit has been offline since 13 December. It was previously expected to restart on Thursday at 05:00.


EDF also extended an outage at its Bugey 2 nuclear unit (910 MW) by eight hours. The unit, which stopped on 15 December, was now due back on Thursday at 18:00.


On Tuesday, the strike, which is expected to last until Thursday evening, cut French power capacity by up to 6.5 GW.


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