Greece plans May opening of 350-MW wind, solar tender

06/01/2021 09:20 Renewable


Greece plans to launch a combined tender for up to 350 MW of solar and wind power capacity in May, the country’s Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) announced.

The competitive procurement round will open on May 24, while applications for participation will be accepted by March 22. To be held online, this will be Greece’s third mixed solar-wind tender.


The price ceiling for both categories has been set at EUR 53.86 (USD 66.07) per MWh. While the bidding will be open to solar photovoltaic (PV) projects with individual capacities of  up to 20 MW, the eligible wind schemes must have capacities of 50 MW or lower.


In April 2020, Greece awarded a total 502.94 MW of wind and solar power capacity in a mixed tender, with bids hitting as low as EUR 49.11/MWh. Another 614 MW of wind and solar projects were the winners in an August tender.

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