Israel reports higher than expected gas reserves

04/06/2010 12:54 Natural Gas


Israel might become a gas exporter in the coming years, as gas reserves found on Israel Mediterranean coast are 15% higher than expected.

Noble consortium declared its estimations for Tamar field to be up to 238 million cubic meters (mcm), the largest gas field in the world in 2009. Noble reported it will start exploitation on Leviathan prospect the fourth quarter this year. Leviathan has gas reserves estimated at 453 bcf. The Tamar’s first production is scheduled this year at initial investment of $2.8 billion. There are rumors than there are signs of oil under natural gas field.

Daily (20.11.2019): WTI crude dropped by 3.2% on Tuesday on worries about oversupply and slow progress in U.S.-China trade dispute

20/11/2019 11:18:00

Oil prices declined on Tuesday on worries about crude oversupply and slow evolution in resolving the U.S- China trade war. Brent crude dropped by 2.5% to $60.91 a barrel. WTI futures fell by 3.2% to $55.21 a barrel.


Algerian LNG carrier arrives in Turkey

20/11/2019 08:46:00

Algerian energy company Hyproc SC's LNG carrier Ramdane Abane arrived in Turkey on Tuesday, Nov. 19, according to ship tracking data on Wednesday.


France proposes to build 1-GW wind park off Normandy

20/11/2019 08:42:00

The French government on Monday unveiled plans for the construction of a 1-GW wind fark off the coast of Normandy.