Mochovce 3 completes commissioning test

17/04/2019 08:48 Nuclear


Slovakia's new reactor Mochovce 3 has successfully completed hot testing. Owner Slovenské Elektrárne (SE) said the plant could be ready for fuel loading this summer, although it will then have to wait for regulatory approval which could take up to eight months.

Mochovce 3 is 98.8% complete, SE said, the remainder of work being the process to test and prove its safety and operational systems to satisfy regulators to grant licences to proceed to operation.


Juraj Krasňanský, in charge of the work, said the results were twice the regulatory demand and this "demonstrated the strength and tightness of the containment and definitively refute the misleading and false claims of the Austrian antinuclear activists".


Earlier this month SE issued a strongly worded response to Austrian anti-nuclear group Global2000 who it accused of "scaremongering through reports about Mochovce" based on what it said were anonymous accusations that its containment was not safe enough due to seismic reinforcement work done on site.


The final verdict on the hot tests will be issued by the nuclear safety regulator after hearing official opinions from national authorities on public health, labour and fire and rescue.


Daily (26.06.2020): German forward prices increased by over 2% on Monday tracking stronger carbon prices

26/05/2020 13:15:00

Oil markets were relatively quiet with no significant movements on Monday due to Memorial Day in US and Spring Bank Holiday in the UK. However, o firmer demand and output cuts lent support to prices.


Hard coal alliance proposes runtime extension for 'reserve' under Germany's phase-out - report

26/05/2020 11:49:00

An alliance of hard coal plant operators plans to achieve an expansion of the runtime of Germany's seven most modern hard coal plants by proposing to shift them into an "energy transition reserve" to back up intermittent renewable power production, Christian Geinitz reports for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.


Orsted consortium plans offshore Power-to-X play

26/05/2020 11:31:00

Orsted and a consortium of Danish companies have formed a landmark partnership to develop an industrial-scale transport fuel production facility in the Copenhagen area that will be powered by offshore wind in the Baltic Sea.