Nabucco encounters competition for Azerbaijan gas.

04/10/2010 10:10 Natural Gas


The talks with Baku for turn out to be more complicated than first estimated as the Azeri government declared that the contract will go to whoever offers the highest price.

In this context, Dimitar Abadjiev, Nabucco Gas Pipeline International's head of corporate affairs said that Iraq looks more reliant, they’re much less dependent on Russia, plus it’s on the border with Turkey, thus they already had preliminary talks. The main contender of Nabucco for the gas is the Russian Gazprom whom declared that they basically had the best price compared to the other contract seekers. The result of the negotiations will be made official later this year. Abadjiev also said that they projected to see the first gas from Iraq and Azerbaijan in 2015.

Moldovagaz and Gazprom agree new gas supply contract in principle

14/11/2019 08:59:00

Moldovagaz has agreed in principle a 3-year extension to its existing supply contract with Gazprom, the Moldovan company said, Platts reported.


Mirova fund raises €857m for renewables

14/11/2019 08:55:00

Mirova has announced the final close of an €857m fund to invest in clean energy projects.


BP: Total production from Azeri-Chirag-Gunashi oil field exceeded 3,6 billion barrels

14/11/2019 08:51:00

A total of 3,6 billion tons of oil has been produced since the commissioning of operation of Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli (ACG) fields, according to BP.