Nordex reports 2 GW of wind turbine orders in Q2

04/07/2019 09:09 Wind


German wind turbine supplier Nordex SE has received orders for a total of 2,003,3 MW in the second quarter (Q2) of 2019, compared to the 1,089.8 MW of orders registered in the same period of 2018.

Excluding the service business, Nordex has recorded orders for a total of 3,038.4 MW in the first half of the year, compared to 2,097.3 MW a year back. The orders obtained in April-June 2019 concern projects in 12 different countries.


Nordex said that the US was the “most important single market” for the company in Q2, with 1,134.9 MW in orders. During the three-month period, the company got first orders for the Delta4000 turbine in the US and this turbine series accounted for about 34% of all orders in the quarter.


Repsol sets up renewables unit

11/10/2019 16:01:00

Spanish oil business Repsol has established a renewable energy subsidiary, Repsol Renovables and plans to have 4.5 GW of clean energy generation capacity in 2025. And the fossil fuel giant claims it already has a clean energy pipeline in place sufficient to hit 90% of that ambition.


Chongqing gas mine plans to build 10 billion square gas field

11/10/2019 15:58:00

Chongqing Daily reporter learned that the gas mine is speeding up the shale gas business and tapping the potential of the old area, and plans to stop the decline and pick up natural gas production by 2020, with natural gas production exceeding 5 billion square meters by 2025 and 8 billion square meters by 2035 and striving to reach 10 billion square meters.


Daily (11.10.2019): EU carbon prices climbed by 2.5% on Thursday, following positive negotiations between the UK and Ireland

11/10/2019 10:44:00

Crude oil prices rebounded on Thursday, as OPEC pledges to take a supply decision for next year this December. Trade talks between U.S. and China to be held next week also lent support to prices. Hence, Brent crude rose by 1.3% to 59.10 a barrel, while WTI futures climbed by 1.8% on a daily basis to end at $53.55 a barrel.